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November 2023 Haley Lu Richardson: Eclipsing Expectations
June 2023 Ways to Inject Personality Into Your Store
April 2023
Inbox: Readers Share Their Thoughts
March/April 2021 New and Noteworthy
August 2020 Eisen On the News
August 2020 Texas Jewelers Association Elects President
August 2020 Industry Retail
Aug 2020 Susan Eisen Elected President of Texas Jewelers Association 
August 2020 Retail Profiles
August 2020 KVIA Gold Interview
July 2020 An Exclusive Video Interview with Susan Eisen
February 2020 At The Bench: The Book
(Eisen featured)
January 2020 New and Noteworthy
January 2020 Kudos
Fall 2019 Best of Show 2018 Citrine Ring
September 2019 Susan Eisen Wins Best In Show
June 2019 Airport Recon
June 2019 Kudos
June 2019 Highlight Citrine Ring
April 2019 Instore: Repping a Retailer
April 2019 Nyong’o Looks
April 2019 First Look: Lupita Nyong’o
February 2019 Lupita Nyong’o
January 2019 Ideas
Dec 2018 Susan Eisen has Jewelry Displayed at National Event
Dec 2018 Susan Eisen has jewelry displayed at national event in New York
October  2018 Style Lab Celebrates a Decade of Providing Emerging
Jewelry and Watch Designers
October  2018 Jewelry That Lit Up the 2018 Emmys Red Carpet
June 2018 The Multifaceted Susan Eisen
June 2018 El Paso’s Susan Eisen on the Red Carpet
April 2018 It’s a Bling Thing
March 2018 Kudos to…
March 2018 Maintain Your Studios in Good Working Order!
March 2018 Lend Us Your Ear
January 2018 From Alternative Metal Safety Concerns to Recession Casualties,
Your Letters for February
September 2017 An Exclusive Look at the Accessories at the 2017 Emmy Awards
September 2017 Emmy StyeLab 2017
May 2017 Retail, Disrupted
February 2017 Trend Spotting Oscars 2017 Jewelry
February 2017 Oscar’s Big Week
February 2017 On The Red Carpet
February 2017 Cufflinks at the Grammys
January 2017 gemsceneoverlay Jewelry Success Story
December 2016 Jewelers Share Their Practical and Philosophical Approaches to
Work and Life
December 2016 A Big Space for Privacy, Please
December 2016 Eisen Earrings at Awards Event
November 2016 Eisen Gallery Hosts “Jewelry of the Celebrities”
November 2016 Jewelry of the Celebrities
November 2016 Jewelry Showcase Study: Successful Businesses
November 2016 Holiday Season Off to a Strong Start
November 2016 Reproductions of Jackie O’s Jewels on Sale at Susan Eisen
November 2016 Eisen Exhibit of Jackie O. Jewelry
November 2016 Jewelry of the Celebrities at Susan Eisen
October 2016 Texas Retailer to Bring Jackie O.’s Jewelry to Life
September 2016 Celebrities Previewed Jewelry from Susan Eisen
September 2016 Susan Eisen at Emmy Awards Week
September 2016 Melissa Rivers Wearing Susan Eisen
September 2016 Celebrities Admiring Jewelry from Susan Eisen
September 2016 Eisen Jewelry Shines at the Emmys
September 2016 Susan Eisen Estate Collection Emmys
September 2016 Eisen’s Three Emmy Placements
September 2016 Celebrities Previewed Jewelry from Susan Eisen
September 2016 Evolution of the Birthstone List
April 2016 Hollywood Today Live  Michael O’Connor with $1 Million Worth of Jewelry!
April 2016 A Diamond Is Forever
March 2016 Centurion Banner One Savvy Jeweler Who Tells How She Gets A Lot Of Exposure
March 2016 ElPasoHeraldPostLogo Eisen Designs on The Bachelor
March 2016 The Bachelor Caila Discusses Her Relationship With Ben – The Bachelor Women Tell All
March 2016 Fashion Police 2 Yes, Caila Quinn Was Almost the Bachelorette
March 2016 Glamour The Bachelor’s Caila Reveals Why She Surprised Ben
March 2016 NPR What Would It Mean To Have A ‘Hapa’ Bachelorette
March 2016 International Business Times Did Caila Quinn’s ‘The Bachelor Women Tell All’ Interview Set Her Up For ‘The Bachelorette’
March 2016 Hollywood Take
March 2016 US Weekly 2 Caila Quinn Couldn’t Picture Herself as the Bachelorette at ‘Women Tell All’
March 2016 E! Online
March 2016 Diamond Cellar
February 2016 Hollywood Today Live 2
February 2016 InDesign Magazine
February 2016 El Paso Times
February 2016 WN 2
February 2016 PR Newswire Banner
January 2016 Centurion Banner
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February 2015 US Daily Review Countdown To The Academy Awards
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February 2015 AtlantaBusinessChronicle WEB
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January 2015 SAG-Awards
January 2015 SAG StyleLab
January 2015 logo-justfab-blog
January 2015 ChicagoBJLogo
January 2015 LABizLogo
January 2015 Yahoo Finance
January 2015  SAG Awards 2015 – StyleLab’s Jewelry Suite
December 2014 Getting Jeweled up for the Emmys
December 2014 Susan Eisen Dubbed “Queen of Bling”
December 2014 Susan Eisen Displays at 2014 Spectrum Awards
December 2014 lara greene
December 2014 El Paso Times
October 2014 Susan Eisen Dubbed “Queen of Bling”
October 2014 CityLogoRedWeb
October 2014 National Jeweler
September 2014  logo NBC EMMY Awards
September 2014 extra-logo
September 2014 Access-Holly-logo
Access Hollywood Emmy Awards 2014 – Credits 01 / Credits 02
September 2014 Jewelry Business Advisor
September 2014 Celebrity Jewel
September 2014
August September 2014
August 2014
August 2014 JCK Market Place
August 2014 logo-justfab-blog
August 2014 Retail Dive
August 2014 cbsmw
August 2014 Greers-OC
August 2014 El Paso Times
August 2014 American Gem Trade Association
August 2014
August 2014 NBC Right Now
August 2014 El Paso Times
August 2014 Yahoo Finance
August 2014 The Herald Online
August 2014 The Carat Diet Jewels that will Adorn the Stars at the Emmy Awards
August 2014 centurion LOGO Exclusive Video Interview: Jeweler Susan Eisen On Trends and Pieces That Inspired Her In Las Vegas
January 2014 Countdown to the SAG Awards
September 2012 centurion LOGO
August 2011 National Jeweler